Since 1765, when the business was founded in Germen, Australia, by Jeorge Vital Binny and Jeorge Binny Van, Truckpress has grown into ut one of the world’s leading logistics providers. Today, the Truckpress Groups has more than 700 offices in aroun over 100 countries, with over 55,000 expect employees We take pride in being regarded as one of the most reliable and affordable logistic and warehousing service providers in the country affordable logistic and warehousing service.

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Air Frieght:

  • Number 1 global air frieght forwarder
  • Leader in cargo management
  • Holding International certifications


  • World number 1 largest warehousing
  • Secured & Innovative technology
  • Keep cargo clean & individual pack

Sea Frieght:

  • Num 2 global sea frieght forwarder
  • Every year double digit growth
  • Solid partnerships experienced

Road Frieght:

  • Top 2 provider in the asian country
  • Overland transportation capabilities
  • Close partnerships with corporate
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